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Preparing data for caffeine upload

BenjaSanchezJan 22, 2020
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Math: everything looks perfect Assumptions:

  • I found this paper stating a slightly different water content (~71%), which leads to slightly different numbers in cell weights: Feijó Delgado et al. 2013

another comment/ understanding issue: For very small values of concentrations, is it not possible that the uncertainty value underflows, thus goes to 0 and it would make more sense of handling them in percentages? maybe that could also pose a problem for simulation?

Other than that I cannot find any problems. https://ww


Thanks for the feedback, will change the water content to that reference as it looks more reliable. Table 2 says it's 70%, so I'll just use that.

Regarding your other comment, do you mean cases where the uncertainty value is above the measurement itself, i.e. CV > 100%? I have kept all of those cases for now, but assessing the effect of filtering those values out could be something to look further into in the future.

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