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1. Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies. So hot right now. Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008, hundreds of similar projects based on the blockchain technology have emerged. We call these cryptocurrencies (also coins or cryptos in the Internet slang). Some are extremely valuable nowadays, and others may have the potential to become extremely valuable in the future1. In fact, the 6th of December of 2017 Bitcoin has a market capitalization above $200 billion. The astonishing increase of Bitcoin market capitalization in 2017. *1- WARNING: The cryptocurrency market is exceptionally volatile and any money you put in might disappear into thin air. Cryptocurrencies mentioned here might be scams similar to Ponzi Schemes or have many other issues (overvaluation, technical, etc.). Please do not mistake this for investment advice. * That said, let's get to business. As a first task, we will load the current data from the coinmarketcap API and display it in the output.

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