KyleOS | Per Capita CO2 Emissions - we need to be criticising the US & Co, not China

Per Capita CO2 Emissions - we need to be criticising the US & Co, not China

Quick analysis of national carbon dioxide emissions on a per-capita basis. Some results are surprising!

Created:Apr 21, 2019Last updated:Nov 26, 2021Public


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Thank you for post, looks very interesting. Will use part of code in my study.


hey @amatusevski no problem! What is your study about?


Working on instagram data set about how people follow back different profiles.


Really cool - on Kyso I hope?! :D

Looking forward to seeing it!


Great post and the emissions per capital make so much sense because it gives the idea of the culture of a country. Because if 41% of the CO2 is produced by electricity and heat generation, 22% by the transportation sector, 20% is produced by the industrial and the rest are produced by land use - (meat-diet is a big problem and some areas love meat more than others).

So after getting this data, I can see how much electricity is consumed and how warm are the people from one country vs the other country. But also, even though the industry in China the one of the biggest and it export product to all the other countries, it seems that electricity and heat probably is not too great.


hacker news discussion for anyone that is interested:


@eoin there you go. Lot more can be done here too.