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Middle Schools in NYC

Mapping middle schools in NYC using Folium and Pandas using Kyso!

LilyCaplanMar 14, 2019
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That for: loop you are using to load the data: for index,row in df.iterrows():

is that the most efficient way to do it? My understanding is that iterrows() can be clumsy and cause performance issues with larger datasets. I'm not too familiar with folium, but had a quick look at the documentation and it looks like it load and display entire datasets if you point it to the columns: great proof of concept post!


Where did you get the data for this workshop?


Not sure, but wouldn't be surprised if it came from - they have a phenomenal amount of data.


I think it would be good practice if we can encourage people to add a direct url to the data-used, it would help a lot with reproducibility...,maybe a link in the article, or a secondary file with instructions how to recreate dataset