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I am Data Scientist and Software Engineer. As a Software Developer, I’ve always been fascinated with data. My fascination for data led me to a career change. After receiving professional Data Science training from Galvanize, and working as a Data Scientist for Sema4 - I am now looking to put my unique combination of skills to great use.


Since OpenPaths is dead, we switched to WHIB, which isn't owned by Facebook (or actually also dead now) and doesn't drain the battery of my phone quickly. A 2$ premium feature let's you export all the data as CSV, which is easy to parse and display.Read more
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In this notebook I would like to share how to process the work with text to build topics. To make it more attractive - apply NLP to the Stock Descriptions. We will load and build the models with cool 3d visualization. I encourage you to clone this notebook and play with every parameter to fine tune the result as your sticky mind would like.Read more
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