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Tips and tricks for visualization This tutorial will show you how to draw closed contours with folium. We will draw isochronous areas computed with the OAlley API. Running this example If you want to run this example to compute your own isochrones, you will need an OAlley API key. Go to and signup. It's free. Each new user receives a key with 1000 requests available. Paste the key in the code below. Also, this example requires a version of folium > 0.3. Once you have downloaded this file, Don't forget to hit Ctrl + enter to run this.Read more
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Risk & Pricing DashboardRead more
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1 - Data Preparation 1.1 Load DataRead more
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#Cufflinks This library binds the power of plotly with the flexibility of pandas for easy plotting. This library is available on This tutorial assumes that the plotly user credentials have already been configured as stated on the getting started guide.Read more
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Visualizing the LDA models from the R LDAvisData packageRead more
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