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Created:Oct 24, 2021Last updated:Oct 24, 202100
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Created:Oct 23, 2021Last updated:Oct 23, 202100
Created:Oct 23, 2021Last updated:Oct 23, 202100
Energies of an electron in a one-dimensional periodic potential.Read more
Created:Aug 11, 2021Last updated:Aug 11, 202100
Which countries produce unicorns as a function of their populationRead more
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This demo helps you get started with data cleaning and plotting in RRead more
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Visualizing the Debt-to-GDP ratios of all countries to show how growth and record-low interest rates have pushed government debt ever higher.Read more
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Looking at Product Hunt's API data for the first six months of 2019Read more
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From David Paige's tweet more
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Trend stays even after adjusting for inflationRead more
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Example of plotly express and animation to show Hans Rosling GDP per capita growth chartRead more
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Looking at Google trends we can see that over the last week the term "How to cancel a HBO Subscription" definitely spikes after the season finale of Game of Thrones Looking at the 7 days before and including the finale we clearly see a spike when GOT came out ![](Screenshot2019-05-21at13.27.51.pngRead more
Created:May 21, 2019Last updated:Dec 31, 2021409 views1 comments
Disney's share price has skyrocketed following the box-office success of Avengers Endgame SuccessRead more
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Introduction to different problems and solutions in machine learning with python.Read more
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Exploratory analysis of suicide rates around the world & among different sub-groups.Read more
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This animation shows the population density of U.S. counties between 1790 and 2010, showing the westward expansion of the country’s population.Read more
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Data Visualisation: An Intro to Plotly's CufflinksRead more
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Quick analysis of national carbon dioxide emissions on a per-capita basis. Some results are surprising! Read more
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Europe generally has high GDP, high happiness and lower than normal GINIRead more
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Source is this report by Bridgewater talking about global profit margin trends, but the drop in robot prices and growth in usage across industry looks like it will be a hugely important question going forwardRead more
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The world largest hedge fund basically reports that the historically high profit margins in advanced economies are partly to do with lower worker gains when productivity increase, along with cross border supply chainsRead more
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Lets see how equality relates to GDPRead more
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They show a massive increase in profits, and much higher variance after the repeal.Read more
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# Publish data-science articles to the web using Jupyter, Github and Kyso *Combine these 3 tools to supercharge your DS workflow* Data science is exploding, more and more organizations are using data to power, well, everything. But it can sometimes still be a little difficult to publish data-scienRead more
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Technical content is performing better and better on MediumRead more
Created:Apr 15, 2019Last updated:Jan 22, 2022275 views1 comments
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Shows how many people live on the coastsRead more
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Watch pol2 GIF by @asdf__ on Gfycat. Discover more related GIFs on GfycatRead more
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This is a graph of the goals each team scored vs the goals that they conceded. Its for the last 10 seasons.Read more
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Plotting out the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2017 democracy index to see how much how democratic a state is depends on its GDP Per capita.Read more
Created:Apr 11, 2019Last updated:Jan 19, 20221220 views7 comments
Self-reported health conditions - Source of the graph is EurostatRead more
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Europe generally has high GDP, high happiness and lower than normal GINIRead more
Created:Apr 09, 2019Last updated:Dec 17, 2021444 views1 comments
Im adding an annotation to my chartRead more
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Getting started with Jupyter on KysoRead more
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OpenAI Gym - save as mp4 and display when finishedRead more
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Some images of deviceRead more
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