eoin | European soccer leagues goal distributions

European soccer leagues goal distributions

This is a graph of the goals each team scored vs the goals that they conceded. Its for the last 10 seasons.

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Lovely demonstration of inequality and elite dominance in La Liga and Ligue 1, particularly.

What I find interesting is the relative parity revealed in Serie A, despite the fact that Juve dominates the scudetto.


I'm also working on now on a more general competivity index where we look at the inequality in end of league points.


Very cool. I think different colors for each team would indicate the diversity of the league - the Bundesliga and Premier look sort of the same, but are diametrically opposed when it comes to variation.


I could actually make the points go from light red-darker red depending on the teams rank at the end of the year...


@LegitRyan this is Eoin's inequality study.