Inclusive Development Index trend (IDI highlights the economic direction of a country)

IDI trend worldwide by mapping with plotly and idi trends vs gdp by country and continents

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Need to change that first map to categorical colors - unreadable unless hovering over. Also, maybe have the country name in the hover text.

Did you mean to include developing economies in the second graph? Wondering because of the title.

Not sure if that stacked bar chart makes any sense - it looks nice but why are you adding the trend on top of their respective IDI score? That's a score and percentage on the same axis.

4th graph - you have 6 trend categories instead of 5 in the legend.

Last 2 graphs - the continents are mixed up - for example the UK, USA and Korea are under Africa .

  • I added annotations to the first graph so it becomes a more undestandable + country on hovertext

  • I change - only developed economies

  • Change- only idi score with economic trends on the legend

  • done

  • Done

Reading the text!