Trend Detection-Visualization-Reddit


This study is too large for us to render (>25mb) :-()


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I made a fork here: https://kyso.io/eoin/trend-detection-visualization-reddit and basically I removed the bokeh plot - it alone is about 87mb so the study is way small without it - this might be useful for you @hkarbasi?


Thanks for trying to fit it on the website. The problem is that there are many data points I wanted to print on the plot and due to storage quota, it fails to be uploaded. What I can do is to set my threshold higher where I can plot fewer data points.

Thanks again.


Yeah maybe average out the data points or something - if a plot takes 80mb to render its going to be hard to host it anywhere, and it you do manage to host it - the experience wont be too nice for the reader.

The plot didn't actually work for me when I opened it in Jupyter itself


Oof - anyway to make this smaller it looks like it would be awesome?


Might be hard - I forked it and its about 90mb