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Data Analysis for Machine Learning We'll work with a Kaggle dataset: House Sales in King County, USA. These are the features of the dataset: id: a notation for a house date: Date house was sold price: Price is prediction target bedrooms: Number of Bedrooms/House bathrooms: Number of bathrooms/bedrooms sqft_living: square footage of the home sqft_lot: square footage of the lot floors: Total floors (levels) in house waterfront: House which has a view to a waterfront view: Has been viewed condition: How good the condition is ( Overall ) grade: overall grade given to the housing unit, based on King County grading system sqft_above: square footage of house apart from basement sqft_basement: square footage of the basement yr_built: Built Year yr_renovated: Year when house was renovated zipcode: zip lat: Latitude coordinate long: Longitude coordinate sqft_living15: Living room area in 2015(implies-- some renovations) This might or might not have affected the lotsize area sqft_lot15: lotSize area in 2015(implies-- some renovations)Read more
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