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Hi @KyleOS

That's useful to know.

I do have a couple of other questions:

  • (how )is it possible to reference external Python packages (i.e. my own ones that are just file-based, not from any package manager) from a notebook on Kyso?
  • (how) is it possible to take data from an HDF file within Kyso?

Any examples of the above would be great.


  • Yes, you should be able to do this as you would on your local machine. I don't have an example handy right now but I will post once I do. Note that this isn't an issue if you've run your notebook locally, and are simply uploading it to the platform.
  • Yes you can read in data from a hdf file, for example, with pandas read_hdf. Simple example from the docs posted here:


Hey @moc , no need to manually input an on/off code toggle on Kyso as we already have this functionality by default. Also, ipywidgets won't work on our frontend just yet - but something we will facilitate in the near future. Let me know if you have any questions about the platform.