Funding Analysis


This Notebook shows how it's possible to extract funding and grants data related to Rome University programmatically, using the Dimensions API with Jupyter Notebooks.

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Dimensions data source are mined for organizations identifiers using GRID, the Global Research Identifier Database. So we can use GRID IDs to perform searches across all source in Dimensions.

The GRID ID for Rome La Sapienza is grid.7841.a.

Top Funders (by aggregated funding amount)

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Top funders split by country of the funder

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Correlation between No of Publications VS Funding

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  • Try repeating the same analysis for a different organization listed in the Global Research Identifier Database
  • Try modifying the initial result set eg by adding a keyword search search publications for "malaria" ... and see how results change

Want to learn more?


Check out the Dimensions API Lab website, which contains many tutorials and reusable Jupyter notebooks for scholarly data analytics.