Used Car Sales Analysis


Purpose: Clean and analyze the used car listings

Dataset: Sample from the original Kaggle dataset. The data was cralwed from eBay Kleinanzeigen, a classified section of the German eBay website.

Data Dictionary

  • dateCrawled - When this ad was first crawled. All field-values are taken from this date.
  • name - Name of the car.
  • seller - Whether the seller is private or a dealer.
  • offerType - The type of listing
  • price - The price on the ad to sell the car.
  • abtest - Whether the listing is included in an A/B test.
  • vehicleType - The vehicle Type.
  • yearOfRegistration - The year in which the car was first registered.
  • gearbox - The transmission type.
  • powerPS - The power of the car in PS.
  • model - The car model name.
  • kilometer - How many kilometers the car has driven.
  • monthOfRegistration - The month in which the car was first registered.
  • fuelType - What type of fuel the car uses.
  • brand - The brand of the car.
  • notRepairedDamage - If the car has a damage which is not yet repaired.
  • dateCreated - The date on which the eBay listing was -created.
  • nrOfPictures - The number of pictures in the ad.
  • postalCode - The postal code for the location of the vehicle.
  • lastSeenOnline - When the crawler saw this ad last online.

Data Load

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All data seems to be loaded.

Cleaning Columns Names


yearOfRegistration, monthOfRegistration, notRepairDamage, and dateCreate are either wordy or unclear what they mean. Let's change it to something more clearler and less wordy

  • yearOfRegistration to registration_year
  • monthOfRegistration to registration_month
  • notRepairedDamage to unrepaired_damage
  • dateCreated to ad_created
  • The rest of the columnn names from camelcase to snakecase.
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Initial Exploration and Cleaning


Let's take a quick glance on the data

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looks like nr_of_pictures have mostly one value. Let's find out if that's the case.

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The columns has all 0s for its value. It's either crawled wrong, or they really didn't have any pictures in the ad. Either case, it doesn't differentiate the data. We could drop it

Registration Year also needs more evaluation because year 9999 hasn't come yet and year 1000 was even before car was invented. There are other suspicious data points. We will have to decide what to do about it later on.

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Also power PS zero is not valid value. Need further investigation. The minimum value of postal code also doesn't look like it conforms with other values. 4 digits instead of 5.

Price and odometer are numeric but stored as text. Let's change it.

To summarize:

  • nr of pictures have only one value. 0
  • registration_year and postal code have some suspicious values
  • price and odometer have text values instead of numbers.
  • odometer is in km. We will change the column name to odometer_km
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Exploring the Odometer and Price Columns

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It looks like there are quite few outliers

  • Car price more than 350,000. Realistically, if the price is that high, it would be on somewhere else not ebay.
  • Car price under 1,000. Unlikely any car would be sold under 1,000 unless it's not functional
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We ommitted about 12,000 record and it gives us more reasonable price range.

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odometer values looks actually pretty normal and not many extreme values

Exploring the date columns


let's look at date_crawled, ad_created, and last_seen

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They include time as well. Also they are in object time instead of date or numeric. To look at their distribution by day, let's cut them by 10 to extract year-month-day.

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Distribution of crawling data is from 2016-03-05 to 2016-04-07

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ad_created has more spread value than crawled date which is understandable

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Let's do the same thing for registration_year

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Dealing with Incorrect Registration Year Data


Revisiting where we left off, there is definately incorrect data in registration year. Two obvious ones are

  • The minimum value is 1000. It's before cars were invented
  • The maximum value is 9999. The data was collected in 2016. You can register car for the future
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that removed about 2,000 data points and the distribution looks little more realistic.

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Exploring Price by Brand


from now on, let's use the data that outliers are excluded.

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Top 10 most frequently registered brand. Now based on the list of the brand, I'm going to calculated their average price.

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From the list above, Audi, Mercedes Benz, and BMW are the 3 most expesive brand in the data set. Renault, Peugeot, and Fiat are the least expensive.

Exploring Mileage by Brand

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Storing Aggregate Data in a DataFrame

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This is surprising however, it looks like there are positive relationship between average odometer and average price.