Table of Contents 1  ——WESTERN TRADE COAST HYDROLOGIC MODEL ——2  IMPORT DEPENDENCIES3  THE STUDY AREA3.1  Leaflet slippy map3.2  Set map extents3.3  Initial Cartopy plot of the study area4  FINITE DIFFERENCE GRID4.1  Helper functions to construct a gradually-refined grid4.2  Plot grid on leaflet map (uses mplleaflet)5  NUMERICAL MODEL5.1  Create workspace directory, set path to MODFLOW executable, model name, etc.5.2  DIS package (spatial and temporal discretisation)5.2.1  STEADY STATE5.2.1.1  Temporal discretisation5.2.1.2  Initial spatial discretisation5.2.1.3  Create DIS package object5.2.2  TRANSIENT5.2.2.1  Temporal discretisation5.2.3  LAYER ELEVATIONS5.2.3.1  Set spatial reference for model grid5.2.3.2  Model top elevations (DEM)  Superficial aquifer — bottom elevations5.2.3.4  Create final DIS package object5.3  BAS package (boundary conditions)5.3.1  For clarity, reorganise the order of columns in the MODFLOW geodataframe5.4  GHB package (general head boundaries)5.5  LPF package (hydraulic properties)5.5.1  Hydraulic conductivity zones5.5.2  Homogeneous HK (one zone)5.5.3  Homogeneous HK (multiple zones)5.5.4  Heterogeneous HK (pilot points + Radial Basis Functions)5.5.5  Heterogeneous HK (pilot points + KNN regressor)5.6  EVT package (evapotranspiration)5.6.1  STEADY STATE5.6.1.1  Set parameters5.6.1.2  Create EVT package object5.6.2  TRANSIENT5.6.2.1  Read SILO historical records5.6.2.2  Display complete record5.6.2.3  pre-1970 record5.6.2.4  Change units (to L/T)  Create EVT package object5.7  DRN package (drains)5.8  WEL package (pumping)5.9  RCH package (recharge)5.9.1  STEADY STATE5.9.1.1  Create RCH package object5.9.2  TRANSIENT5.10  SWI2 Package (seawater intrusion)5.11  LAK package (main wetlands, MAR infiltration basins)5.12  PCG and OC packages (solver and output control)5.13  Write MODFLOW input files and run model5.14  Plot heads and DTWT using ModelMap6  CALIBRATION6.1  Calibration targets (GWL observations)6.1.1  Load pickle6.1.2  Drop duplicates6.1.3  Quality check drilling depth of calibration target bores6.1.4  Drop records with drilling depth likely deeper than superficial aquifer7  FORECASTING SIMULATIONS8  SANDBOX8.1  Compute drain length in cell9  HELPER FUNCTIONS9.1  Land Use9.1.1  reclassify_LU_MRS9.1.2  BATCH_reclassify_LU_MRS9.1.3  plot_reclassify_LU_MRS9.1.4  LUraster_to_MODFLOW9.1.5  plot_raster_to_MODFLOW9.1.6  plot_raster_to_reclass_to_MODFLOW

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