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US Pollution

by PrasunaM on Jul 16, 2019
Jupyter notebook


by thething on Mar 6, 2019
Jupyter notebook


by fredtoh on Jan 14, 2019


Jupyter notebook

The Relationship between Income and Wealth

by KyleOS on Sep 2, 2019

Visualizing the statistical relationship between income and net worth using Federal Data


The Rise of Online Dating

by KyleOS on Sep 2, 2019

Visualizing how our dating patterns have changed over time


Estimating and Predicting the number of Jupyter Notebooks on Github

by KyleOS on May 16, 2019

Using Github's API to estimate number of Notebooks on Github and fbprophet to predict future growth!...

Jupyter notebook

Web Scarping Project-Indeed

by nehaag on Dec 16, 2018

This web scrapping project is designed to help people in job search. The data was scraped from Indee...

Jupyter notebook
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