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Latest users' studies

share / machine-learning-101

Simple introduction to different machine learning techniques & models, such as regression, classification, regularisation, SVM, and logistic regression..

KyleOS / bike-weather

Introduction to Linear Regression - Predicting the total number of daily riders in Madrid’s bike-sharing system, depending on certain weather conditions..

jan_erish / unsupervised-learning-hacker-statistics

Unsupervised machine learning model to create a re-election campaign strategy in Washington, with emphasis on the contrast between East and West.

Jollker / interview_qualogy

Analysis of Greece’s economic recovery from the euro crisis, looking at the relationship between the employment rate and government debt & GDP.

Rusnak44 / fedex

Analysis of wait, dispatch and pickup times for a FedEx pilot. This assessment uses an aggregated dataset of both Airspace proprietary information and information supplied by FedEx for on-time insighimg.