Kyso is how data-scientists work together.

We beautifully render and version data-science notebooks so you can collaborate on analysis, machine learning models and user analytics.

Let your entire company, or the world, learn from your data.

Jupyter notebooks allow you to run code, embed notes, LaTex, and charts all in one open source filetype. Using Kyso you can share your notebook with your whole team.

When other data-scientists look a study, they can see the code, data and versions.

If someone non-technical looks at the study, they see only the the core information they need like the notes and the charts.

Lets predict next weeks purchases

We will use our in house machine learning module (which is base on Lets load in the last few months purchase data and try to estimate what we need to prepare for next week

Ok it looks like we will hit 10,000 units sold next week.

Discover, reuse and reproduce analysis.

Search across studies to find and reuse analysis your teammates have done. Improve a previously done study, or re-run it using new data.

Version control and docker mean that studies are completely reproducible.

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Gauss spectrum fitting

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Using bokeh

Using plotly

User grown 6-week

Secure and simple to use.

Create and push a new study in seconds.

We've worked hard to make each command intuitive, fast and easy to use.

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